Reasons for Micro Motor Overheating and Solutions

Overheating can happen often when a micro motor is functioning. Here are some reasons causing overheating and tips on how to solve the problem.
Reason 1: Micro motor bearing part overheating. 
If the micro motors are wrongly assembled during manufacturing, any foreign matter falls into the motors or the bearing parts are of poor quality, the bearings can be damaged. When a micro motor's bearing part is overheating, it's possible that its bearing is broken.
Solution: Check and replace the micro motor's bearing.
Reason 2: Oil contamination
When the oil in a micro motor is seriously contaminated or there are quality problems caused by oil change operation, overheating might happen.
Solution: Replace the old oil with clean oil.
Reason 3: Not enough lubricant 
If there is not enough lubricant applied to the micro motor, the friction between gears can cause overheating.
Solution: Check regularly and lubricate the micro motor adequately.