Hao Motor Water 12V Pump

How to Use a 12V Pump

Read the article for some introduction on how to use a water 12V pump.

ERP Systems for Micro Motor Manufacturers

ERP system is an important management tool for micro motor manufacturers.

3 Tips on How to Choose the Right 12V Gear Motor

It's essential to follow certain principles when purchasing a 12V gear motor

BLDC motor

What are the differences between brush DC motors and brushless DC motors

Brush motors adopt mechanical commutation. Their have shorter service life, make sparks when working and their efficiency is not great. After being used for a while, the brushes are usually damaged. They also generate a big amount of carbon dust. When the dust falls into the bearing, it dries out the oil of the bearing and makes the motor even noisier when functioning. For brush DC motors, the carbon brushes need to be changed once in a while.

Hao Motor is Attending Techno Frontier 2016

From April 20 to 22, Hao Motor will attend the annual Techno Frontier 2016 to display our micro dc motors, 12 Gearbox Motors and BLDC motors

5 Tips on How to Maintain 12V Pumps

5 useful tips to help you to maintain your 12V pump

4 Tips on How to Choose 12V Pumps

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4 characteristics of BLDC motors

BLDC motors, also known as brushless DC motors, are widely adopted in different appliances. In this article, we have listed the characteristics of BLDC motors. Hopefully it will give you a better understanding BLDC motors

3 ways to fix the malfunction of micro motors

It always causes headache when the micro motors are malfunctioning. Hao Motor gives you a few tips on how to deal with these situations.

DC motor

4 things to understand before purchasing a maintenance device for your micro motor

The key to find the right micro motor maintenance device is to understand some basic information