Analysis on the Chinese Micro Motor Market

Micro motors are small-sized motors with limited capacity. Their output power is usually under a few hundred watts. Micro motors are normally used in control systems. They are widely applied in industrial automation, agriculture automation, office automation and home appliances. According to statistics, the current size of  the global micro motor market is more than $200 billion.
The current global micro-motor market is very fragmented. As integrated circuit manufacturers starting to produce micro motors, in the next few years, significant changes are expected to happen in this market.
In China, there were only 890 micro motor producers with mid-large scale in 2014. Most players in this market are quite small. They mainly produce mid-low end products. Meanwhile, there are more and more investments from Hong Kong, Taiwan and western countries, especially in Guangdong and other coastal provinces, so that the market has become increasingly competitive. However, the funding and technology brought by these international players are beneficial for the development of the products. The quality of micro motors made in China will be enhanced.